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Monday, January 22, 2007
One Councilblogger's New Year's Resolution (and Other Notes on the Local Blogosphere)

Something in this post will lead you not to "purple mountains' majesty," but to "a pulsing pustule on the public posterior." I'll let you discover what. I can only say, hapless we would be, indeed, without alliteration!

We're well into January, and I hope the edge is off the pain of those broken new year's resolutions by now. For my part, I have broken none this year, because I made none.

In case there still are some open wounds, I brought the salt and lemon juice.

MFCC, known to normal people (i.e. all those to whom she is not married) as American Fork City Councilor Heidi Rodeback, has returned to the blogosphere after a four-month hiatus, which (I can attest) she mostly spent doing other things we elected her to do. She reports that her new year's resolution is to blog every Friday. So far, so good: three Fridays, three informative posts. The latest is on sidewalks in American Fork, an intermittently painful subject to some of us who use them regularly in certain parts of town. It's a good status report, but also a revealing picture of the nature and complexity of even local political processes.

Speaking of local bloggers, somewhat more prolific Councilblogger Shirl LeBaron directs our attention to Utah League of Cities and Towns Director of Legislative Affairs Lincoln Shurtz, who blogs on key issues before the Utah Legislature. Shurtz's blog is likely to find its way into my blogroll, too, as soon as I have a chance to put it there. He's writing some good stuff.

Speaking of American Fork's answer to George Clooney, apparently I'm not the only one feeling the urge to be a little silly as the hazy winter shuffles along. (See that not-much-ballyhooed Groundhog Day Limerick Contest.) For his part, Councilblogger LeBaron is making casting suggestions for American Fork: The Blockbuster Documentary, or some such hypothetical film. I don't see Donald Trump playing Councilman Gunther, but maybe that's just me. How about Warren Beatty?

Meanwhile, I think DaltonGirl remains American Fork's star general-purpose blogger, even if she is very busy just now, lobbying the Utah Legislature in the state PTA's behalf, and not blogging as often as usual.

Now stop surfing the Web and write that limerick, already.

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