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Saturday, October 25, 2008
Nine Excellent Readings

Nine readings: the election and its possible aftermath, the economic crisis, global cooling, and a few news items involving American Fork.

The Economic Crisis

Senator Tom Coburn writes that we are not seeing the end of capitalism, and explains why he voted for the bailout.

To use a medical analogy from my own background as a physician, Congress' political greed introduced an embolism (the housing bubble) into the economy's circulatory system (credit markets). I voted for the rescue package because I believed it was more important to prevent a potentially fatal heart attack or stroke than to teach the patient a lesson. I had, and have, serious reservations about the constitutional and otherwise long-term policy implications of handing the Treasury secretary extraordinary powers. Yet, I believe this was a necessary step.

One smart, unhappy Democrat, Orson Scott Card lambasts the media for failing to report the truth about who is behind the housing crisis, including Barack Obama.

Election and Beyond

Kirsten Powers on Biden's bungles and the biased media.

It's not a surprise, but here's Charles Krauthammer endorsing John McCain for President. "I'm for the guy who can tell the lion from the lamb," he writes.

Orson Scott Card's piece "Upholding the Constitution" speaks of growing tyranny, states calling a constitutional convention, and the need for peaceful revolution.

A Blow to the Human-Caused Climate Change True Believers

Lorne Gunter reports that all the rise in global temperatures since 1979 has lately disappeared.

American Fork

Last week the American Fork City Council revised the City's yard sale ordinance.

When economic times are tough, lipstick sales increase, and so does circulation at public libraries, including American Fork's.

This Daily Herald editorial says that putting bond issues to a vote gives the people clout.

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