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Saturday, August 29, 2009
American Fork City Council Candidate Information Posted

. . . And on the planned publication date, no less. Unfortunately, only three of nine candidates have responded so far.

I have posted basic information about and short statements by American Fork City Council candidates here. It's easy to get there from the home page, where American Fork election information is gathered at the top. (My own commentary will remain elsewhere -- here at the blog, as usual -- to preserve the distinction, in my mind at least, between LocalCommentary's informational function and its commentary.)

To date, to my disappointment, only three of nine city council candidates have responded to my questionnaire. I'll keep trying, and, as others respond, I'll add their information. I will not be asking them additional questions, as I am the mayoral candidates, because of the virtual certainty that some candidates will suspect me of slanting the table, for my own favorite candidate's benefit.

I trust the information will be useful to some voters, at least.

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