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Friday, January 19, 2007
Some Sample Limericks

I couldn't resist -- I didn't really try -- and I am quite unapologetic.

Here are some limericks to inspire you to enter the Groundhog Day Limerick Contest. All but one are on the American Fork theme; the last is simply out of bounds. For reasons of my own, I offer no Groundhog Day examples at this time.


Brother Adams his wagon did park,
Then, surveying the land, did say, "Hark!
   This resembles a river!
   I think I could live here!"
It's called now American Fark.


Watching UDOT bisect our downtown,
Will we do something? Will we just frown?
 Seven lanes? What a fright!
 Frankly, five don't delight.
Who thought this up? Some big-city clown?


Did you know Mayor Thompson's a poet?
His translations from French plainly show it.
 It may seem rather strange,
 Such a cultural range
In a man we've elected, I know it.

Off the topic:

Mayor Rocky's campaign to go national
Is succeeding, if not fully rational.
 Anti-war folks get swoonish.
 I find him cartoonish --
As, in time, the political fashion'll.

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