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Tuesday, September 1, 2009
Candidates Respond, Part 1: Why I Want to Be Mayor of American Fork

Editor's Note:

LocalCommentary.com: What troubles you enough, or what do you want so much to accomplish, in American Fork that you would go to the effort and expense of campaigning for the part-time, low-paid, rather thankless job of mayor?


It is not a thankless job; it's rewarding to be of service to your community. It is a full-time job if done completely, and I have devoted full time to it.

I want to finish what we started. I am seeking reelection to:

  • Build on valuable first-hand experience
  • Assure action on tough challenges
  • Build on a successful mayor/council/staff team
  • Represent the city with an experienced, respected voice
  • Provide recreation and arts programs
  • Aggressively prosecute crime

These are important issues:

  • City financial health
  • Road/sidewalk improvement
  • Cemetery land
  • Emergency response
  • Economic growth
  • Downtown revitalization
  • Smart land use development
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Volunteer service
  • Quality of Life


American Fork is growing and changing. We need leadership which will adapt to new times and circumstances, without surrendering what is best about our city and its people. We need a leader with a vision of the future -- a vision which values the residents' welfare as highly as the businesses'; a vision which includes open and respectful communication with residents; a vision which shows a decent respect for the tax burden residents and businesses already carry. I have lived in American Fork for 44 years and worked as Supervisor in the City's Engineering Department for 15 years. I served on the Planning Commission for nine years (six as chairman). I'm a member of the American Fork Irrigation Board and the Metropolitan Water Board. I know the city. I know its government. I know its people. I will stubbornly defend our interests as we work with developers, with other cities, and with county, state, and federal governments.

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