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Wednesday, September 2, 2009
Candidates Respond, Part 2: My Qualifications to Lead American Fork

Editor's Note:

LocalCommentary.com: How do your education and experience qualify you (above the others) to lead American Fork as it continues its transition from quiet town to small city?


I have a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and am a graduate of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. I am a veteran of military service with over 37 years in uniform. I was responsible for leading and managing large organizations, maintaining budgets in excess of 70-million dollars, and working for the best interest of tens of thousands of soldiers. My visionary leadership was recognized by the Army Engineer Association, when I was awarded the deFleury Medal, which signifies outstanding leadership and professional excellence by one who has rendered significant service or support to the Engineer Regiment. I have also used this education and experience in my role as President of the Iron Blosam Owners Association at Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort. I am entrusted by over 5,500 Iron Blosam owners with a budget in excess of $4 million. My ability to maintain fiscal responsibility allows the owners to enjoy over 7,200 vacation weeks without worrying about economic stability of the organization.


Mayor is a complex job. Education and experience are vital to doing the job well. Continuity is important to finish good things begun in the first term.

My qualifications and experience include the following:

  • Education: BA --  BYU; MBA -- Stanford
  • Work experience: GE, IBM, LDS Church
  • Civic service experience:
    • Mayor -- 4 years
    • City Planning Commission
    • Utah Lake Commission Executive Committee
    • Economic Development Corporation of Utah Board
    • Utah County Council of Governments Board
    • Mountainland Association of Governments Regional
    • Planning/Economic Development Board
    • Intermountain Health Care Community Outreach Council
    • Utah Co. Dept. of Health-Substance Abuse Advisory Board
    • President Downtown American Fork, Inc.


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