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Saturday, September 12, 2009
Candidates Respond, Part 9: Should the City Stay in the Cemetery Business?

Editor's Note:

LocalCommentary.com: Should the City stay in the cemetery business? If so, should cemetery fees be increased substantially so that they more nearly cover the costs?


We need to stay in the cemetery business. Just as we have a library, a rec center and other services which do not totally pay for themselves, the citizens expect us to have a cemetery, and not just any cemetery, but the best in the county. In these economic times this is not the time to raise cemetery fees. This might be considered with much-improved family economics of our citizens.


The City must stay in the cemetery business. Many of our residents own cemetery plots and have paid for perpetual care of this plot. There is money to be made by purchasing property and selling plots. This needs to be a priority and part of a short-term and long-term plan. It cannot be ignored for decades at a time. Our city is known for its beautiful cemetery and the Historical Pageant associated with it. Our history is here, our ancestors are here, and we should work to preserve our heritage.

Mark Steele comments (9/25/09):

I agree with both candidates' commitment to the cemetery. Perhaps as a tie in with the roads question, I would note that the road conditions in the cemetery have deteriorated a lot in the past few years, and need to be addressed.

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